The firm of Tripanoto Sri Konsultan has maintain a consistent record of performance since the firm's establishment in 1980. The philosophy of the firm is to maintain the client as an integral part of the design team. The Client remains intimately involved to varying degrees throughout all phases of the project.

Architecture combines creativity and technology in order to provide form and function for the built environment. Innovative design is a result of the talent who created it and is a prerequisite for quality architecture. Aesthetics is not only the result of creativity, but also the economic of efficiency and longevity as well.

This firm has developed a planning and design system applicable to all types of buildings which incorporate statistical fact analysis, sophisticated programming methods and master planning as well as long range strategic planning, if needed. This system involves our clients and their designated representatives in an integrated team approach with the firm's principals who lead each project from inception through completion. It is tradition of the firm to provide well executed final construction documents that are backed by strong construction management specialized engineering and intricate detail requirements as needed. Our interactive working style results in a finished product that reflects the project's collaboratively conceived functional and aesthetic objectives. These objectives are achieved within the firm's proven commitment to completing projects on time.